What is wrong with scientific journals these days? 


What would you say if somebody made you this offer?

  1. Spend a couple of years in a lab, risk your reputation and look for new things nobody has ever discovered so far
  2. Once you find them (and only if you do find something noteworthy) illustrate graphs and figures, and write an informative text about it. Be sure to meet all format standards
  3. Once you are done, submit the article to a journal which forwards it to volunteer fellow scientists who work on behalf of the journal without getting paid entirely. They will then carefully dissect, review, and harshly critize your manuscript in terms of writing style, study design, spelling and grammar.
  4. After recovering from being flayed, you reorganize your research team, perform experiments in accordance to a new study design, and rewrite your manuscript until it meets all the reviewers points of critizism.
  5. Go back to n° 3
  6. Now, if you are lucky and/or if  you happen to know a member of the journals editorial board you are allowed to turnover all copyrights to the editor and pay a couple of thousand dollars, so the editor can publish your work (mostly online) and make money out of it.

Sounds like a bad joke, right? Well, it certainly is no joke at all. It is the absurd reality of scientific publishing nowadays. -And if you ask me, a serious reforming is urgently needed.

Because complaining should be followed by action, you will find a raw concept of a new approach for scientific journal publishing which is more suitable for both the reader and the author under section “Action” . -It is yet a vague outline, so feel free to join the process .

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