A new scientific journal format designed to stay up to date and to enable digging deep on a personal pace

Imagine a new kind of scientific journal which is not fixed but fluent, constantly changing and enabling the original research articles to stay up to date. A journal which adjusts its text to the degree of the readers personal previous scientific knowledge, enabling the reader to go through a paper and dig in deep at the text passage he is interested in. -No over reading of endless text passages anymore. Imagine the author being able to interact with his fellow scientists and readers by changing the papers content or adding supplemental details in the course of time. Finally, imagine a paper which does neither charge the authors nor the readers.


Summing up, the paper should be …

  • editable
    • it should include a comment function for the readers
    • the author should be able to change the paper
  • citable
    • fixed versions of the paper should be generated and saved in an archive
  • free
    • the author is not charged, the copyright remains by the author
      • maybe authors could even be paid based on their articles’ views?
    • the reader has a choice to either read the paper for free accepting commercials or to purchase a premium access which was commercial free
  • structured and interactive
    • the paper should be structured in different levels
      • first level would be a general text understandable even for non professionals
      • the reader can then dig deeper into the paper by clicking on a text passage which brings him to the next more detailed level
      • even a third level could be added containing supplemental information
  • influental
    • the paper should have impact on the scientific community by sharing
      • the paper should be shareable on social media and scientific networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Research Gate, Xing, WordPress, etc.

What do you think? What should the scientific paper of the future look like? -Please leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Action

  1. I think every new published paper could get a root number in the beginning which then stays with all the papers versions. When a paper version is cited, it could be used so an impact factor could be generated.


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